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If you are evaluating a marketing company to help you complement your marketing efforts, you're going to have some parameters to judge them on. Lets examine what these parameters are... and while we're doing that, lets see how we stack up.

Understanding of the industry
Perhaps the most important feature while assessing a marketing company is their knowledge of the business. Without boring you with mindless ramblings, we'd like to invite you to visit our services section. Our knowledge of the industry is firmly demonstrated there. Further, you get to see how each of our services specifically benefits you.

Ability to deliver superior Returns-on-Investment (ROI)
Clearly, numbers are at the heart of any business. And very often, they get sidelined in favor of sentiments and operations. Wherever possible, we insist on measuring results and it gives us the basis of further refining the marketing activity. Whether its web analytics or offline testing, measuring results is key.

The other side of the equation is "how expensive are we?".

We're not!

Our clients comprise of companies that are the largest in the industry to small properties below 30 rooms. If our pricing model wasn't right, we wouldn't have had this diversity in clientele. We have teams that work locally as well as offshore teams that work remotely. The cost savings are genuinely passed on to our clients.

Its really easy to automate the majority of e-marketing these days. But take a closer look at our service portfolio, and you'll see that the majority of it cannot be automated. That's because a lot of solutions are unconventional in nature and require a lot of creativity to conceptualize and execute. In other words, we have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

Another thing... we have a maxim at the company - "Surprise the Client". We try and look for solutions that haven't been tried before... solutions that extend beyond the normal boundaries of conventional marketing. These are available only to our premium clients.

For eg. we routinely tell our clients "Put your housekeeper in in your marketing department" or "Here's how to make sure that your last dissatisfied guest stays with you the next time". Clients appreciate those things as it tells them that we're thinking about them. And of course we are.

Yes, we're aware that when we handle multiple clients, there are genuine confidentiality concerns. We follow a very tight work ethic and ensure that no information is misused. Another way to highlight this - We don't even list our clients on our website or our portfolio without their permission. Yes, we do lose the marketing potential that big names represent, but client confidentiality is more important to us than a marketing gimmick.

But then, you're not here to learn about us, are you? You're here to see how you can profit by using us.

Let us show you...

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue









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