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Don't just tag along for the ride... Profit from it !

A fundamental reality is that your guest will interact with you in a number of ways before they step into your property.

And at each stage, they will be making impressions about what they see and how they feel about it. In the online world, chances are they'll make their first impression when they arrive at your website. If the website doesn't give them a "feel good" feeling, they're gone with just one click... and chances are they're at your competitor's website in the next 5 seconds.

Getting each visitor to your website is a difficult, expensive and time-consuming task. You certainly don't want to waste all that effort by losing visitors because your website wasn't appealing or functional.

We have had clients who have increased their online revenues by 6 times with just a website facelift.

Look at the two examples below and you will see how people used to percieve these properties and how they perceive them now.

Another site we've design that features Hotels in Dubai:

Hotel in Dubai

But is it just about looks?

No. Functionality counts just as much. There are gorgeous looking sites with terrible navigation that makes it impossible to book a room online. And there are websites that use the latest technology... but won't open in most browsers. Or websites aimed at the corporate clientele with designs like theme parks!

There are hundreds of website designers who can design a website for you... at times for as little as $250 and as high as $15,000. Certainly makes picking the right one a challenge, doesn't it?

We can't speak for the others, but here are the reasons to go with us:

  • We understand that your website can be the lowest-cost, highest ADR generating asset that you can have. All other methods of generating business cost you more than a direct booking such as TAs, GDS, 3rd party sites, etc. Why wouldn't you want to maximize this asset?
  • We know the hotel business. We know how to profile visitors and match the profile to the appearance of the website.
  • Navigation is key. The site needs to give out information quickly, efficiently and it should respect the visitor's time. We spend a great deal of time designing the primary and secondary navigation systems.
  • We recognize the points at which visitors are ready to book. Placing "calls to action" at precise those points increases conversions rates significantly.
  • Websites are more than fancy brochures. They now perform CRM functions as well. Using them this way gives you tools to market your property during low-periods.
  • We help you maximise conversion rates by opening up parallel channels of communications to the website visitor. We firmly believe that the business should come into the property... regardless of the channel it comes through.
  • We understand the value of promotions - especially in the leisure segment. We encourage regular discussions on the release of promotions - "When? What room type? What offering? At what rate? For how long?" are questions that generate revenues.

Few web designers are aware of the above.

Whether you're looking for a new website or cosidering an makeover of your existing website, be advised that it is one of the most important decisions you'll make.

Talk to us. Let us understand your needs and recommend a solution for you. You're under no obligation to go with us, but the advice you'll get from us will always be of help to you... even if you go with someone else. Isn't that a win-win situation for you?

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue


















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