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Lets say you've worked hard on your website. You've revamped the design, fine-tuned the navigation and really tried to bring traffic to the site. The questions now remain are:

Was all that work worth it? Is the plan working?

Surprisingly, web analytics is one area that most hotels ignore. This is partly due to lack of understanding of what it can do for you and partly due to the fact that they have no one to collect and analyse the data.

Allow us to make you feel better. Web analytics have evolved over the years. Its no longer the exclusive domain of techies who can understand rows and rows of seemingly senseless letters and numbers. Simple interfaces are now available that let you see what's happening on your website.

Here's a sampling of what information you can expect to see:

  • How many visitors arrived on the website
  • How many of them were first time visitors and how many were repeat visitors
  • Which search engine did they use to find you?
  • Which websites are they coming from?
  • What words did they "type" to find you?
  • Which countries did they come from?
  • How many people left after seeing just one page?
  • How many pages did they visit?
  • What navigation route did they take?
  • How long were they on your site?
  • What computers were they using?

These are critical questions and the answers to these questions are worth their weight in gold. Based on this information, you can take steps to boost your bookings dramatically.

For instance, once you know the route people are taking through the site, you can place suitable graphics or bold text along the "high-traffic route" to nudge them to take action - be it make a reservation, or point them to special rates, or sign up on your mailing list.

Similarly, websites that are driving high levels of traffic to your site should be explored further to maximize your presence there.

Reading these numbers is easy. But drawing the right conclusion is the main thing. Our expertise with these analytics and experience of the trade can help you make changes to your website functionality ONLY in the areas where a change is needed. This saves you considerable money and also generates revenue for you.

Its your website... shouldn't you know whats happening on it? Allow us to help you with it.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue
















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