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2 million options... and they picked me???

Most marketers are satisfied at getting their client websites listed in the search engines. And for most clients, the marketing process stops there.

However, there are sites that cater specifically to specific segments of travellers. These sites have traffic that is clearly superior to traffic flowing from regular search engines becasue of the following reasons:

- They're targeted. These visitors aren't just web surfing. They know what they're looking for
- They can be effectively converted. Once the right product is shown to this segment, they are far more likely to make the booking. In other words, its far easier to convert these lookers into bookers.
- They have more experience with your type of product (if it does match their requirement)
- There aren't all that many competitors challenging their loyalties on these sites. This makes your job much easier to attract and retain their attention.

All of these sites tend to address a common denominator. There are sites that are specific to extended stay properties, business travellers only, for people with pets, for people with a specific sexual orientation, or people of a certain age, or for people who prefer alternative lifestyles.

There's lots of business waiting here. But it takes effort to locate and feature your property in these channels.

Other marketing firms rarely know about these sites and segments because they cater to every business type... as opposed to us who only cater to the hospitality segment.

Yes, experience does count in this case. That's what we mean by getting our hands dirty. This is mostly manual work... and it can't be automated. That's why most e-marketing firms won't touch these areas.

We know that these channels can be really lucrative. And we ensure that our clients benefit from these and get that advantage over their competition.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue











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