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Our job is to sell rooms!

The Internet has had an immense impact on the hospitality segment. Here is the new reality:

  1. The Good News: It has opened up a massive number of channels to get bookings from.
  2. The Bad News: It has become a very crowded place with everyone jostling for the top spot.
  3. The Problem: The tools of the trade are increasing (look at the list on the left) and becoming more intimidating.
  4. The Solution: To effectively play in this field, one has to adopt a selective mix of options that balance results with the investments made.
  5. The Guarantee: As in life, there are no shortcuts. Lasting results come over time.

Hotels that are proactive are the ones that will reap the financial benefits of foresight and planning. Hotels that haven't will see their marketshare decline.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue

e-Marketing - the great equalizer

Big bucks don't naturally translate into big revenues. The idea is to work smart AND work hard.

We have solutions that allow a property to increase its revenues substantially for as little as $500. And as the results come in, that amount can be increased gradually to take advantage of other channels.

The question that you have to ask yourself is - Is inaction costing you more in lost business?

Write to us to request a site assessment and see how easy it is to get started. Every quote will be customised to your situation, and all recommendations will be backed up by sound, logical reasoning. We know this business and we know what the concerns of hoteliers are.

Myth: Online Marketing is expensive
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