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You could have the best website in the world, but if nobody's visiting it, its no good. Or to put it another way, having a great looking site that's not optimized for search engines is like dancing in the dark... you know what you're doing, but nobody else does.

Search engines have a very different way of looking at websites. They have complex algorithms that determine how "relevant" your website is. Search engine optimization is a delicate process that is aimed at improving the visibility of your website towards the search engines.

When we undertake a search engine optimization project, among the several things we do is to examine:

- The keywords on each page
- The page title tags and alt tags
- The structure of the website
- Navigation used on the website
- XML sitemap files
- The content on the site
- Inbound and outbound links
- The robots.txt file
- Custom doorway pages

This list could go on...

Another thing that is important to understand is that you need your site to feature high on the search engines for specific keywords or key phrases as well your property name.

With the dramatic increase in affiliate websites, most properties don't realize that these sites are essentially taking traffic that is specifically looking for you and selling that back to you at 25% less revenue. When one adds the numbers up, you're looking at thousands of dollars in lost revenue each month. As such protecting your brand loyalty is essential.

Further, one must recognize that Search Engine Optimization is a long term effort and results take time to come in. Key changes can certainly be made as a one-time project and they will yield results in the months to come. However, careful monitoring of your website and changes in tags/content/structure ensure that the site steadily rises in the rankings. We use specialized software that helps us analyze your site and periodically checks the performance of your website on the major search engines for various keywords.

Here's an offer for you... Fill out this form, fill in your website address and 5 most important keywords that you think your visitors will use to find you and we will tell you if your website appears in the top 3 pages of the major search engines. You pay nothing for this and you're under no obligation to engage our services. Try it out... its the least you owe to your website.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue







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