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2 million options... and they picked me???

Wouldn't that be wonderful if it happened every time... on its own? Well, it doesn't. But it can.

Given that 90% of visitors to any site come via search engines, its important that you regard them as your best friends. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft pretty much dominate the search engine market.

Type in any common term such as "Hotel in New York" and Google returns 110,000,000 results. What are the chances of your property being right at the top of that list?

That's where Pay-Per-Click or PPC comes in handy. It positions your site right at the top or the right hand side of the page where you get priority access to potential visitors.

But this comes at a price. You have to bid and pay for these positions. Every time a visitor clicks through your website, you're charged a certain amount.

The challenge is "How do I pay for this listing and STILL make money?"

Pay-Per-Click Screenshot

PPC is a double-edged sword. If used well, it can reward you handsomely. Yet, if used carelessly, it can drain you of a lot of money in a very short span of time. Properties that profit from this have the following in common:

- They research their keywords well
- They're very specific on what traffic they want
- Their ad copy is well written
- They spend time in testing their ads and creatives
- They track ad performance and click-thoughs (CTRs)
- Their websites convert lookers into bookers
- They make a profit on their investment

Before jumping on this bandwagon, you have to see if you really NEED to use PPC. Instances where PPC would help you the most are when (and these are just some of the reasons):

- Your website is new and the major search engines still haven't included it
- Your website is apppearing nowhere in the first 2-3 pages of the search results for the keywords that are most important for you.
- You're fine with allocating a monthly budget for this till such time your site starts appearing in the free/natural results.
- You have a unique proposition for your audience that is very specific (say location opposite a major landmark)
- Your website design and functionality is powerful enough for you to recover the cost of getting the visitor there.

Similarly, there are a host of reasons why you shouldn't use PPC or where you can get far better returns investing your money elsewhere.

We've seen both sides of the coin extensively and can help you move in the right direction.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue











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