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Don't just tag along for the ride... Profit from it !

There are sites that attract a lot of visitors. Now lets say that those visitors fit the profile of your ideal guest. Wouldn't you want your product in front of them?

Various sites will charge for different kinds of exposure. there are listings, banner ads, panel ads, and so on. But the benefits need to be weighed based on a singular metric - ROI or Return on Investment.

There are other factors that play a role as well:

- Your presence may be necessary if your entire competition is there.
- A link to your website improves the ability of your website to feature higher on the search engines.
- It exposes your product to a segment that you may be keen on targeting on an experimental basis.

A good rule of thumb is that after the factors above have been taken into consideration, your website analytics should tell you the cost of acquiring each visitor. The next step is to evaluate if that number is good enough or not.

In certain cases, based on the data compiled from the web analytics, we advise our clients to expand their promotion on that site. Alternatively, we test different creatives and CTAs (calls to Action) to see what approach works best.

Looking for places to list your website is an ongoing process and you generally want to first cover the areas your competition has covered. But how do you know where all your competition is listed? After all, the Internet is a pretty big place.

We do. Ask us and we'll tell you. We'll even feature you in places the competition can't get into.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue







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