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Over the past decade, the Internet has taken a big bite out of the absolute dominance that the GDS had over the industry. However, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) still remain a force to reckon with.

They have evolved... and have done it very intelligently. Instead of competing with the Internet, they have partnered with them. The Internet may have universal reach, but the GDS systems still have what most Net based systems don't have - the Inventory !

The degree to which you can benefit from our expertise depends on your present situation. We've given a few categories below. Identify the one you belong to and see what you can expect.

Lets look at these situations a bit more closely, shall we?


If you have no GDS presence at the moment:

Chances are that you're an independent hotelier with less than a 100 rooms. This really means that you stand to gain the most out of GDS marketing. This is a terrific opportunity for you. Here's just a sampling of how we can help:

  • We help you shortlist and identify a suitable GDS company that is "budget-friendly".
  • We help you with the transition process and the training process.
  • We take care of the cumbersome process of collecting and providing information to the GDS provider.
  • We ensure that you're presence is optimized in terms of the data and visuals
  • We regularly run reports and hold discussions with you on your GDS performance, the additional revenue that it has generated and future opportunities.
  • If you have corporate accounts, we can recommend ways to streamline the booking process for them in line with the special rates that you may have given them. Corporate clients really appreciate that.


If you're an independent hotelier and have a GDS presence with a private label company:

Lets talk basics first. When was the last time you reviewed your GDS agreement or look a look at what the market was offering? In other words, do you know what each reservation "should" be costing you? Here are some of the areas you can benefit from:

  • We examine your arrangement with your current provider and if we find that you're leaving money on the table, we let you know along with viable alternatives.
  • We review your current presence for accuracy, visuals and promo text.
  • Based on your target profile, we assess the viability of buying GDS impressions and tailoring them so that only the right segment sees them and you're not wasting money spent on ineffective views.
  • We examine past reports, if available and analyze them for opportunities to build relationships with key travel agents.
  • If you are a chain or a large property and have released negotiated rates, we assist you with building your database of PCC codes and ensuring that the rates are loaded correctly.
  • If you have non-negotiated corporate rates, we can assist you with porting them to your GDS and allowing direct, seamless booking.
  • RFPs can be painful. Yes, we help you with those too.


If you're a franchisee and get GDS connectivity through your brand:

Are you guilty of complacence? If not, you deserve a pat on the back. Most franchisees tend to consider the GDS as something "the brand is responsible for". Admittedly, the brand does "handle" the GDS aspect, but the responsibility lies with you. Why? Simply because it is YOUR bottomline which is at stake here. Also, certain brands are notorious for not providing the breakup of revenue which flows to your property from their central reservations. So how do you know if the booking came from the GDS, or a marketing campaign that YOU initiated, or an ad that you placed in a local magazine? Also, are they providing you with relevant travel agent data along with their contact names and addresses? There may not be a whole lot that you "control", but there certainly are enough opportunities for increasing revenues. Some of the ways that we help you do that are:

  • We examine the reports that the CRS system provides. It may not be comprehensive information, but we do try and extract the most of it. If you get the Hotelligence Report, we help you analyse those numbers and evaluate your competition.
  • We review the way your property is listed on the GDS and the CRS systems. There is generally a lot of room for improvements there, especially if this information hasn't been regularly reviewed and updated.
  • We identify the major travel agents that have been booking you and recommend ways to improve your relationship with them.
  • Travel agents who have booked with you earlier can be sent promotions and can be encouraged to use the GDS to make their next booking.
  • We help you streamline any corporate rates that you may have offered, assign rate-codes and enable direct reservations.
  • We look at the room allocations that are assigned to 3rd party sites, and recommend automated cut-offs if the system allows it to maximize your ADR.


If you are in the extended stay business and are looking at the GDS to secure more business:

Not many extended stay properties use the GDS. While hotels tend to benefit more from the GDS, using the GDS can give you a very real competitive advantage over your competition. Here are just some of the ways:

  • If your property allows stays of less than 30 days (say 3 or 7 night minimum), you can effectively compete with the hotels on their turf. Furnished apartments are increasingly gaining popularity as viable alternatives for short stay requirements.
  • A lot of websites pull properties and rates from the GDS. By simpy being there can give you a lot of exposure.
  • We would encourage you to take full advantage of the GDS by releasing special packages and promotions
  • The majority of GDS interfaces now give you the option of showing weekly and monthly rates as well as the ability to charge tax based on length of stay.
  • We assist you in selecting the provider which is right for you based on your requirements (which will be significantly different from the hotels)
  • We help you setup your property effectively and streamline the process of receiving and processing reservations
  • We provide training to your staff on any of the systems selected. This is much, much cheaper than getting trained by the company directly.
  • We extract the various GDS reports and advise you on how to make the most sense of the numbers. Better still, we can spot opportunities and relay them to you.

Yes, we do know the GDS and it's potential. Talk to us... we'd be happy to share the knowledge with you.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue








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