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Don't just tag along for the ride... Profit from it !

Furnished apartments are in a different class when it comes to online marketing. And yet most e-marketing companies market them as hotels. Yes, they do have similarities with hotels, but furnished apartments cater to a very different audience. Finding this audience is the key to a successful online marketing strategy.

We specialize in marketing Furnished Aparments. The fact that we have a separate section on our website for this says a lot about our belief that this segment is very different from hotels.

Here's how we bring value to your marketing efforts:

  • We position your website on sites that attract people specifically looking for furnished apartments or extended-stay accommodations
  • We tailor your Pay-per-Click campaigns so that you're not wasting money competing with hotels
  • We hand-craft the webpages on your site so they rank higher on the search engines for specific keywords
  • The design philosophy is completely different as compared to hotels
  • We inform you about various third-party sites that exclusively list properties such as yours
  • We advise you on how to display rates and amenities that help you maximize revenues (yes, there's a right way and a wrong way)
  • We give you ideas on how to better serve your corporate clients using your website in creative ways
  • You can target specific segments such as immigrants, executives, etc. by way of creating custom landing pages
  • We assist you in off-loading excess inventory during slow periods
  • We examine your target clientele and advise you on how your property could benefit from the GDS
  • We can help you scan your competition so you're always ahead of them in terms of marketing
  • Offer fresh ideas for customer relationship management and data collection

A lot of the above is what we offer as part of Unconventional Marketing Strategies. These are confidential strategies that have been proven to yeild results in your industry sector.

We invite you to take advantage of our experience with your sector. You may find it refreshing to know that we speak the same language as you do and are aware of the challenges you face.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue

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