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Yes, yes... the first thing that comes to mind when you think of email marketing is SPAM. And who can blame you? This wonderful communications platform has been abused over and over again and its hard to believe that anything good can come out of it.

But here's the kicker... email marketing is still the most effective form of direct response marketing. A new survey by Forrester Research says email marketing messages sent to in-house subscriber lists provide the highest return on investment of any type of e-marketing activity. The key phrase in that sentence above was "subscriber lists". That's the big difference from the hundreds of messages you get each day selling you meds and viagra and the messages you actually read and respond to.

Simply put, there's a right way to cary out email marketing and there's a wrong way. Businesses lured by the ease of sending out millions of emails at no cost soon realize that there are consequences that naturally follow... very bad consequences. Here's a very short list of what they risk:

  • Damaging their brand perception
  • Legal problems (yes, it is illegal to spam)
  • Very low conversion rates
  • Domains being blacklisted by various anti-spam databases that will eventually tag legitimate emails from your domain as spam.

So what's the right way? We actively work with our clients in developing a long term email marketing strategy that focuses on the following:

  • Adherence to best practices in email marketing (ethical marketing).
  • Strategies for building opt-in email database (which means people request information from you)
  • Customer loyalty programs which contribute to the CRM effort.
  • Scheduling regular communications with various groups of customers as well as launching seasonal/event specific campaigns.
  • Aggressive tracking and analysis of every email campaigns which includes key metrics such as the percentage of emails opened, links clicked on and emails forwarded.
  • Selection of email delivery and tracking systems that fit your budget and your needs.

Effective email marketing is a delicate business. Factors that determine the outcome of each campaign are based on:

  • The content
  • Design, photos and graphics
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Carefully placed links
  • "Above-the-fold" content
  • Time and date of delivery
  • Analysis of post-send data

As always, there are no shortcuts. And as always, we know that the results will be positive and rewarding. Will every email marketing campaign be a runaway success? No. And that's important as well as it provides us with intelligence and numbers for future testing.

We have no delusions about that's involved... and we make sure that our clients are given the real picture as well. It is, after all, a partnership.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue









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