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Don't just tag along for the ride... Profit from it !

Third party websites can be a great source of business. They attract a lot of visitors that are ready to book. But you also know that its a very competitive environment. Visitor loyalties are being challenged at every step of the way.

So how does a property proactively change the way it gets business from this channel?

The first step is to change the mindset that says "Well, we're there and we just take what we get". Take a quick look at the following statements and if you agree with most of the situations below, then there's a big opportunity knocking at your door which you haven't taken advantage of... Yet.

- Your property was featured as part of your franchise agreement and that's pretty much all you know.
- If you're an independent hotelier, you simply load rates via the extranet as and when you're reminded.
- You don't know the name of the person who uploaded all the text and photos to the site.
- You don't know the name of the market manager.
- You're not aware of terms such as "Red Tag" and "Green Tag" promotions.
- You don't know the PMS rate code that feeds rates to these channels (LNZM perhaps?)
- You're fine with giving away 25% of your revenue (hey, at least I get 75%).
- Guests from these channels are treated like any other guests at the property.
- You're not aware of the impact prior guest reviews have had on your property.

These channels have their advantages and disadvantages. From your standpoint as a hotelier, it is incumbent on you to maximize opportunities and minimize the negative aspects. In doing so, even these channels will appreciate your proactive approach and pretty much everybody wins.

Our job is to assist you in realizing the profits that lie untapped by actively working with you to reshape your presence on these channels. We know the various promotions that are available, but don't even reach you because they're taken the day they're released (perhaps even sooner). We help you structure your inventory in line with your occupancy so that your ADRs aren't affected, but your RevPAR improves. We review and change the information presented about your hotel on these sites in accordance with what potential guests are looking for.

And this is just the start. Once we start working with you, you'll get full access to proven methods of boosting revenue from a channel that was once considered "passive". Third party websites aren't a passive channel. They're pure gold when you know how to use them.

Fact: Online bookings should exceed 60% of revenue










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